Crib-Sleeping vs. Co-Sleeping: Which approach is best for your newborn?

New parents have to go through a lot after they baby is born, at least for a few month initially. Whenever they out, they get badgered by questions like “Is your baby sleeping properly?” and they have no idea whether what they are going to say is going to be correct in listener’s mind.

When it comes to baby’s sleeping habits, people have starkly different opinions. Some say that babies should sleep in 45 minute stretches and not more than that, while other say that if babies are sleeping for less than 2 hours at a stretch then that could lead for discomfort.


Whom to listen to is a really a big question for new parents.

After the first question, the next question that people generally ask is, “Where does your baby sleep?” Just like the previous question, this question can be answered in a number of ways. Some parents prefer to put their baby to sleep in a crib, while others sleep their babies in the same bed and they do.

Now people who put their babies to sleep in cribs are totally against the idea of bed-sharing. The most common argument they put up is that babies have a higher chance of SIDS, entrapment and suffocation in adult bed sharing. And they are not being prude in saying that. According to research done, bed sharing in fact have higher chances of causing SIDS, entrapment and suffocation.

But is that everything we know about babies and their sleeping habits?

A survey conducted with a sample containing nearly equal “co-sleeping” and “crib-sleeping” mothers, revealed that both the groups had scientific researches to prove their claim. Basically, the real argument is not between co-sleeping and crib-sleeping, it is between safety and bonding.

Pros of Co-sleeping

  • Co-sleeping is the most natural form of sleeping for a new born baby. In ancient times, mothers used to co-sleep with their babies as it enhances bonding.
  • Cuddling with baby at night release oxytocin in mother’s brain that makes her care for the baby even more
  • Co-sleeping allows mothers to watch every little activity of their newborns, which according to some mothers is a very pleasureable and satisfying experience
  • Mothers don’t feel loneliness when their babies sleep with them

Pros of Crib-sleeping

  • Crib-sleeping enables children to sleep in a quiet environment, where they are not disturbed by parents’ snoring or other nightly activities
  • Getting used to cribs as an infant allows babies to be comfortable in them as a toddler
  • Crib-sleeping makes kids take up independent sleeping early in life. Some mothers don’t like the idea of kids sleeping with them till the age of 8 or 9, and that is why they prefer it
  • Crib-sleeping is recommended by a majority of baby care specialists

As I have told you above that according to a research co-sleeping babies have higher chances of SIDS. Because of this reason, co-sleeping mothers are judged more harshly by society than mother who sleeps their babies in crib. But co-sleeping has often been associated with great bonding. In most developing countries, many parents cannot afford a crib and have to opt for co-sleeping.

Studies have shown that babies who co-slept with their mothers turned out to have a great sense of bonding with their parents later in life, though this is not something entirely positive. The study also showed that co-sleeping babies are at a higher chance of developing co-dependence i.e. feeling anxiety and sadness when separated from their mothers, which could result in a lack of social engagement early in life.

While mothers who put their babies to sleep in a crib proclaim that co-sleeping mothers and lazy and irresponsible, co-sleeping mothers defend themselves by saying the crib mothers are downright selfish, who are concerned with their own sleep rather than the comfort of the baby.

How giving up control can improve the situation

A majority of parents believe that when it comes to rest, one size fits all is generally not the best policy. Sleep is something that almost all infants struggle to achieve; hence as a parent, your job is to do whatever you can to make sure that the baby is getting enough sleep. Poor sleeping habits have been linked with irritability and slow growth.

Another interesting thing to know is that your baby’s sleeping habits is never going to be in your control.

Many of the soon-to-be mothers, who read articles such as the ones that say about co-sleeping and SIDS, resolve to avoid co-sleeping, but end up co-sleeping after their baby is born. The reason for that is baby’s liking.

Some babies cannot sleep with their mothers, and are not comfortable sleeping in cribs. That is why, while only 11 percent of mother planned to co-sleep their baby, 42 percent ended doing it, for at least once.

So, in short, children set their own sleep schedules, and your job as a parent is to adhere to it.

So what is the perfect answer to this question?

Alas! There is no perfect solution. While crib sleeping is definitely safer, in technical terms, there is no guarantee that you baby is going to the get perfect sleep in it. Most of new parents have a really hard time raising a child, and this is one question that they can forget about. So while there are pros and cons to both approaches, you will have to choose the one depending on how your child likes to sleep. After all, you are reading this article for them, right? They are the most important.

9 Routing Kits that offer the most bang for your buck – Part 1

Bosch Ra1181 Benchtop Router TableWhich is the one tool that every Woodworker fancies adding to his tool chest?

It is a router.

The reason why routers are so popular among enthusiast Woodworkers is because of its versatility and how it can be used to beautify Woodworking projects.

Routers come in two major types and have 10 basic router bits available for them.


The two types of routers are:-

  • Fixed-based router
  • Plunge routers

Both of these routers can be used to give 10 different basic profiles to the edges of wood pieces. You can even use routing bits in combination to give compound profiles to your wood pieces.

If you are looking to buy a new router, for yourself or your friend, this guide is going to tell you about the latest router kits available in market and help you figure which one you need.

If you already have a router but you don’t have a router table then I’d recommend the Bosch Ra1181 Benchtop Router Table.

So let’s begin with list.

DeWalt DW618 PK

  • it comes with both types of bases – stationery base and plunge base
  • plunge base comes with height adjustment ring which can be used to adjust height of the router during operation
  • bit changes require a single wrench action
  • has a hard-sided carrying case, which makes carrying several routing bits easy

Milwaukee 5616-24

  • it is a well-built, heavy duty router
  • it has a 2-1/4 HP motor which lets it handle every task admirably
  • it is a bit on the heavier side but not at all cumbersome to use
  • when used in a router table along with T-handle wrench, height of the router bit can be adjusted
  • comes with a hard shell that offers plenty of space to store and carry router bits
  • it has a dual hinge design which require a little more than normal space to the open the case, in short it isn’t very compact

Porter-Cable 450PK Compact router

  • it is a compact router, designed to offer mobility over power
  • it comes with a tiny 1-1/4 HP motor
  • it is designed to handle tasks that require a lot of detailing
  • it comes with a soft-spin motor which can reach up to 27,000 rpm
  • the motor is fixed speed, so you can’t adjust it depending on material of the wood
  • it is best used for trimming and laminate work

Bosch Colt Compact Router Kit

  • this is another router, small in size, designed to handling detailing routing tasks
  • it comes with a small 1-1/4 HP motor which is powerful enough to admirable perform detailing and laminate works
  • it works with ¼ inch router bits, which are easily accessible and doesn’t cost too much
  • it comes in a protected hard shell case that offers hides several accessories in it
  • even though accessories are useful, assembling them properly with the router is a task in itself

Bosch 1617EVSPK

  • it is an old router, but still makes the list because of its excellent performance and affordable price
  • the handle of this router is designed ergonomic because of which it gives the operator excellent comfort and control while performing routing tasks for long durations of time
  • proper adjustments can be obtained because of depth gauges
  • plunge base locking mechanism results in solid locking and clear releasing mechanism

Festool OF 1400 EQ

  • the most striking feature of this wood router is its design. Its design make it stand apart from the crowd of routers available in market.
  • it is a plunge router
  • the measurements of this router are done in the metric system, which means if your country uses different measuring standards, you will do some math to get accurate cuts
  • the overall design of this tool is user friendly and offers a lot of flexibility

Porter Cable 893 PK

  • it is a well-rounded routing kit for beginning Woodworkers
  • it has an easy to access dual position switch
  • it need just a single wrench action to change bits
  • the motor is self-start and mostly quieter than other routers in the market
  • retail kit comes in a complete combination collet diameters, which means you can use both ½ and ¼ inch diameter router bits in it

Bosch MRC23EVS Router kit

  • this router kit from Bosch is an upgrade to their very popular Bosch 1617EVS router kit
  • it a combination kit i.e. it comes with both fixed-base and plunge type
  • it is ergonomically designed to make your work experience smoother
  • the power switch is placed directly over handle which allows you to switch ON/OFF the motor easily
  • with a T-handle adjustment wrench, the height of the bit can be easily adjusted when it is mounted in a router table
  • it has an LED light that marks the routing path

Hitachi KM12VC

  • this is one of the most affordable and basic combo router kit present market
  • it is a combination routing kit, which means that both bases are included in the retail package
  • it has a decent motor rated at 11-amp
  • even though it may lack the amazing feel and features of some of the kits mentioned above, it offers total bang for buck
  • despite low price, you get a hard sided case that safely carries routing bits while you travel
  • it comes with a five year warranty

Now that you about the pros and cons of the most popular routing kits available, go ahead and buy it for yourself or gifting purpose. Take your time in assessing your requirements before selecting a routing kit because these do not come cheap. You do not want to spend hundreds of dollars, only to find that you bought a routing kit with the wrong specifications.